Go Noodle House


With over 35 outlets in the country, GO Noodle House have lived up to its expectation as one of the best noodle restaurants to serve soup and dry-based Mi Xian noodles. The tens of thousands followers on its social media pages happens to be one of its testimony. Top in the most favourite choice of noodle bowls is the bursting meatballs. The burst in your mouth will blow your mind off. The delicious broth that comes from a tinge of the premium ShaoXing HuaDiao wine is quite essential in bringing out the distinctive taste, which is only available at GO Noodle House outlets. While quality is never compromised, quantity is another factor that will leave you full, satisfied and most importantly with a smile, hence the name, Peng Leng Cheng.

  • Category
    • F&B
  • FS19
    10am - 10pm

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