Donna Chang

10am - 10pm

DONNA CHANG, a brand built around luxurious and natural ingredients, thus drawn its inspiration from the passion of high quality toiletries and unforgettable floral fragrances from around the global. It has been our greatest obsession to combine rich heritage and accumulated botanical knowledge to create the finest products from nature.

The name of DONNA CHANG was inspired by the endless beauty of Asian ladies. The brand symbolizes beauty and culture with integrity and sophisticated elegance: a reference to sensibility, tradition and timelessness.

We strive to use natural ingredients and limit use of paraben preservatives, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulfate and all other harsh chemicals. Using elemental plant base extracts as primary ingredients.

By using DONNA CHANG range, we hope you will be inspired by its sophistication in finest quality ingredients and delicate fragrances to bring out the individuality in you. Slow down, relax and truly feel your mind at ease.

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