Ramen Seirock-ya


In Malaysia, there are a lot of ramen prepared by using pork based, but in Japan, Toripaitan ramen prepared by using chicken based is one of the major type of ramen. The large quantity of chicken is carefully boil well for a long time which is all the chicken umami will be enhance once its done. Since it has plenty of collagen, it is perfect for female customers. It is also halal certified, so Muslims can eat it without a doubt. Ramen Seirock-ya main menu is Toripaitan Ramen which has extremely rich taste made from chicken broth. Nowadays, it became one of the most famous type of Ramen in Japan. In addition, Toripaitan Ramen is popular to women because which broth includes lots of collagen that is good for beauty. Now, it's time to have a great meal experience!

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